Scott Rockower

Chief Product Officer

Scott Rockower stands at the forefront of developing software for trade participants that relies on Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) platform. He has a comprehensive understanding of the business needs of Customs House Brokers and Importers. He has provided training and developed documentation to support these complex processes.

Since the inception of ACE, he has successfully transitioned hundreds of users to the latest CBP environment. Working with numerous leaders at various Partner Government Agencies (PGA), he positioned GMS International, Inc. as a leader and authority on ACE International Trade Data Systems (ITDS). A logical and methodical person with vast industry knowledge, Rockower has integrated 14 different agencies with 21 (and counting) unique requirements into user friendly software.

He has over 30 years of experience in database applications, architecture, business processes, application design, application development, EDI, internet security, and MQ/VPN connectivity. He is on several committees relating to the functionality and development of ACE. He is on the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) within the Trade Support Network (TSN). He has and continues to attend strategic meetings at CBP for ACE developers.

As a current member of the TAG/TSN, Rockower is on many committees that review the ACE specifications before they are published and finalized. He was and continues to be instrumental in production pilot testing of many, if not all, PGA programs. Pilot testing is critical to insure that the programs on all sides (trade, CBP and PGA) are working as anticipated. Each PGA has multiple scenarios that can be very complex in nature.

In addition, He has developed related programs for Entry Summary, Foreign Trade Zone Admissions, Reconciliation, Drawback, Commercial Invoice, In-Bond, Export and Automated Export System (AES) and others.

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stony Brook University in New York. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys any sport with or without a ball. He is happily married to his wife Amy and together they have 2 millennial kids; Taylor and Benjamin who are

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Chief Product Officer

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