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Author: Alison Cooper

In today’s fast-paced business environment, saving time is critical. ITS is dedicated to working alongside our customers to find easy solutions to help automate their broker business, saving time and valuable resources. In NxGen there are two tools to enable you to streamline your data entry: Container Manifest Query (CMQ) and Product Tables. With both mechanisms, data entry is proven to be faster, easier and more compliant. If you’re looking to find the simplest and best solution to automate your data entry, ITS is here for you.

One-stop Shop for Your Import, Export & Break-Bulk Needs

Our integrated platform makes it easy to import, export and break-bulk your goods. For example, the NxGen software by ITS an ACE software that can be utilized to start the exporting process, deconsolidate a Freight shipment and clear the transactions to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The data will seamlessly transition from one application to the next, making it easy to understand the history of the movement of goods.

By having all the modules integrated, they will speak the same language and freely share essential information (e.g., PO #, product #, key quantities and values, etc.), thereby eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. You reduce the change for error to occur, as well as save valuable time. Our software helps you simplify all aspects of your brokerage business.

Extended Product Tables

Keying entries with repeated products across hundreds of lines can be tedious, resulting in a lot of time wasted. Fortunately, our Product Tables automate the process for you. By using the Extended Product Tables, you expedite the entry process by reducing the amount of data elements you need to enter.

Not only does this automated process increase your data entry speed, but it will create better compliance outcomes. By creating and maintaining the Product Tables, you limit the scope of mistakes that a user can make. For example, you will be able to define the options rather than expecting the entry-level writer to use their discretion to figure out which product is what. This process enables your compliance department to control the process from start to finish.

Further, the Product Tables will help you to comply with the increasing complexity of multi-stack tariffs. With the recent trade escalations, such as Section 301 and 232, the prevalence of these tariffs has become even more common. By capturing all of the relevant multi-stack scenarios, the process is simplified. The Product Tables also include primary compliance information, including PGA details, anti-dumping countervailing duty number (AD/CVD), license details, etc.; these will further expedite the entry process.

Automated Container Manifest Query

The CMQ allows brokers to check the status and details of a bill of lading with customs. NxGen automates the process, making your job easier. We automatically send a query whenever you submit an isf form, and we will pre-populate all the associated bill of lading information which is returned from CBP.

By automating this process, CMQ helps ensure accuracy and saves time that you would otherwise spend to enter the information manually. 

Have peace of mind knowing that the information that is in your transaction matches what CBP has on file. 

Increase your compliance while also reducing the amount of work you have to do. Learn more about how NxGen can accelerate success for both you and your customers, saving you time and money and helping you beat out the competition.

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