Accurate & Efficient Freight Planning & Tracking 

Manage schedules, track shipments, ensure regulatory compliance, and more with NxGen AMS.

Take Control of your Shipments

Save time and stay prepared with automated tracking and updates. The NxGen AMS Module is fully featured and conforms 100% with U.S. Custom requirements.

Explore the Benefits

The Benefits of Automating Freight Planning & Tracking

Reliable Data Management

Access the information you need when you need it with document tracking and centralized storage.

Easily Navigate Customs

Avoid delays by tapping into the extensive ITS NxGen customs regulation database.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your packages arrive on time to the correct location with easy-to-use schedule management and shipment tracking.


  • Workflow Automation

  • Container Tracking

  • ReportWriter & Scheduler

  • QC Audit

  • Manifest Query