Our Solutions

Speed, reliability and ease of use are key benefits to the NxGen Brokerage Module. The NxGen Customs Brokerage Module is 100% ABI/ACE compatible and conforms to all U.S. Customs regulations. Validation of data occurs instantly, lookup of data on every field with a table, get your shipments cleared fast, and without penalty. Results displayed in easy to read report in seconds.

Customs Brokerage

Complex and varying import and export regulations can slow your shipments down.

Our expertise in navigating through complex customs requirements can help to expedite the customs process and avoid delays – keeping your business on track. With real-time updates to legislation changes and automatic currency exchange and cost tracking, shipping internationally is easier than ever.

Full-Service Freight Forwarding

International shipping can be complicated and managing and tracking shipments is time-consuming and expensive.

NxGen’s comprehensive freight forwarding solution makes managing your international shipping straightforward and organized. Our automated process can be tailored to fit your unique shipping needs and will keep you informed at every step of the way.

Air & Ocean Freight Planning & Tracking

Expedite and simplify air and ocean freight tracking and planning with NxGen AMS Air and NxGen AMS Ocean.

Delays and other interruptions from customs, shipment damages, lost containers and more can be costly – and balancing the need to deliver goods to consumers as quickly as possible with the challenges of rapidly changing postal requirements, oil prices, air travel capacity and more can be a drain on resources.

NxGen is paving the way for carriers, secondary notify parties and port authorities to file and receive manifest and cargo data.