NxGen Features

ITS NxGen is a Logistics AI/ML Automation Cloud Software Platform that accelerates digital transformational growth with technology.

This technology is forward thinking, easy to use, ABI/ACE native cloud software platform designed to read and digitalize documents and data sources like humans, with 99.5% accuracy, and automates all aspects of logistics execution.

ITS NxGen delivers flexible, interoperable, modular, best-in-class Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding online applications, that can be deployed as a single integrated logistics software platform or independent applications that integrate with your existing software stack.

As a powerful suite of solutions, ITS NxGen provides built-in features so that you can customize a solution to fit your needs. Learn more about these FEATURES below and how they can help reduce costs, increase compliance, manage container tracking in real-time and execute complex logistics transactions flawlessly, anywhere, every time.


Be the envy of every CPA and have peace of mind using ITS NxGen accounting to automate your financial accounting and reporting.

Workflow Automation

Digitize, automate, and streamline all your workflows using ITS NxGen automation technology.

Document Management System

Peace of mind with Secure, Encrypted, Versioned, Auditable Centralized Data.

Container Tracking

Container Tracking made easy!……. Integrated in the Entry File to View and Track Real-Time any container ie: air, ocean, rail, Anywhere, anytime.

Proforma Invoice

Automatically generate proforma invoices.

PAPS Trackers

Real-time tracking with NxGen PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) Tracker.

Customer Facing Portal

Seamlessly and securely communicate with your customers in real-time.


Wasting Time Calculating Duties Due for DDP? ITS NxGen DDP has a Solution!

Manifest Query & Extended Product Tables

Streamline your data entry process and increase ISF form compliance.

QC Audit Tool

Increase Your Compliance and Profits with QC Audit Tool.

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