ITS Launches New AI-Powered Document Digitization & Automation Platform

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International Trade Systems (ITS) launches ZAFT. The new document digitization and automation platform reads and validates data and documents, converts the information into a digital format with 99.5% accuracy, and reduces manual labor costs by 85%.

Gig Harbor, Washington: December 1 — International Trade Systems (ITS) announced their newest development, ZAFT, a technology that “READS” documents and data sources like humans do, but with far greater speed, accuracy, and reliability. 

The ITS NxGen AI-powered cloud software platform enables customs brokers and freight forwarders to extract the right information from multiple documents at a fraction of the cost of manual entry. The technology ensures that critical documents are compliant with regulatory standards.

ZAFT removes the risk of manual entry errors that arise from diverse data sources, varying file types, document format variability, and the complexity of information. Additionally, ZAFT simplifies the document digitization process for any documents like Commercial Invoices, Arrival Notices, Bills of Lading, and Airway bills and takes the processing time from 15-60 minutes to seconds. ZAFT comes with pre-built integration into ITS NxGen along with proprietary logistics industry intelligence that self-learns as it goes. The more inputs, the smarter ZAFT gets.

International Trade Systems (ITS), CEO, Steve Platman says, “as a software developer and provider of customs broker and freight forwarding software, this technology is a must-have to simplify, automate and improve accuracy while also saving a lot of time and money. It is the digitization and automation platform that fuels growth for your company!”

Key Features & Benefits of ZAFT technology from ITS include:

  • reads documents with 99.5% accuracy and reduces manual labor costs by 85%
  • allows scaling up with ease and increases profit margins without adding overhead
  • outputs integrate with a ITS NxGEN  and multitude of systems applications and ERP systems for advanced  processing,  unmatched data security, and reliable delivery every time
  • reduces transaction processing time and eliminates errors while increasing compliance

About ITS

International Trade Systems (ITS) based in Gig Harbor, Washington is a leading provider of Freight Software Solutions. ITS delivers one of the most powerful cloud-native logistics software platforms built on a strong foundation based on 30+ years of experience in the industry and providing service to over 3200 users of our exclusive system.


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