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Author: Alison Cooper

Before their partnership with International Trade Systems, Inc. (ITS), GHY International (GHY) needed a flexible customs brokerage software provider. Since partnering with ITS, they know that their business needs are being heard. But even more importantly, GHY is confident in growing both brands together.

Relationships, Not Transactions

GHY was founded in Canada in 1901 by George Henry Young. Before computers and the Internet, Young drove down to the Canadian-US border in his buggy with pencil and paper in hand to help traders thrive. Over one hundred years later, the fourth-generation family-owned business is still a pioneer in the customs brokerage business. Twenty-five years ago, GHY expanded into the United States, their fastest-growing segment. Through close partnerships with customers, regulators, importers, and exporters, the company has thrived for over a century.

While any broker can do a transaction or use new technology, there’s a reason why customers keep returning to GHY for their customs brokerage expertise. GHY’s care for the client has kept them on for 30, 40, even 50 years. GHY is devoted to their customer’s concerns beyond just transactions. They are invested in their partner’s challenges to understand their business and their future.  The relationship between GHY and their clients is an interconnected partnership that helps their partner’s businesses grow.

When looking for technology solutions to their brokerage problems, GHY saw an opportunity to create a similar lasting partnership with ITS. They saw a company that focused not on transactions but on relationships based on trust and integrity.

Innovative Solutions with Real-Time Results

GHY needed to find a trusted solutions partner that was adaptable and flexible for the long term, and ITS was determined to help. Because GHY is a northern border, port, and air broker, their needs presented a unique challenge to ITS; before, ITS had primarily worked with port brokers. For northern border business, where the lead-up time is sometimes hours if not minutes, entry speed and accuracy are essential. Through a month-long consultation, ITS proved to be capable and adaptive to these different, unique needs. 

During the initial consultation, ITS and GHY identified the need for three customized tools. Below is an in-depth explanation of each one.

Automated Entry Creation

The automated entry creation allowed GHY to pass large volumes of EDI data to quickly and efficiently handle entry clearance. While ITS is accustomed to EDI ingestion, it was essential to accommodate to GHY’s existing formats. The automated entry creation helped GHY continue to manage the large volume of entries that northern border brokers receive without inaccuracies during the transition.

Adaptable Customer-Facing Portal

The customer-facing portal, built on top of ITS’s existing portal, made an easy transition for GHY’s customers to the new software. This tool provided their customers with customer-specific modules including unique workflows, reports, self-filing ISF’s, and privileged access to their entity and product tables for maintenance. Further, the seamless integration into GHY’s existing websites helped evoke one cohesive brand.

Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) Tracker

The PAPS tracker provided visibility to truckers and train operators that the goods they are transporting are ready for clearance. When a transporter plugs in their transactional details, the modernized tracker replies with either JSON or XML message that shows the real-time status of the goods, helping to minimize delays and penalties.

Because ITS had a strong proof of concept through this consultation, GHY decided to partner with ITS for their customs brokerage software needs. This initial proof of concept gave GHY confidence in ITS’s commitment to listen and respond to their business needs and for the two companies to grow together.  

Modern Problems Call for Modern Solutions 

As GHY continues to expand, they needed a partner who could grow with them into the future. Advancements in brokerage technology have tremendous impacts on costs and productivity, and GHY tapped into these new advancements by partnering with ITS. Working side by side, ITS enhanced and added features to meet the specific needs of GHY. Tools such as the integrated Quality Control (QC) Audit Tool and the Workflow Manager, as well as data for Business Intelligence (BI), will free up resources and allow GHY to gain competitive advantages as they grow into new markets and the future. 

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence (BI) helps companies to understand their business and enables them to make informed, data-driven decisions. BI can identify areas of risk, excessive cost expenditures, and possible strategic opportunities. Above all, this data allows brokers to demonstrate their excellence to their customers through performance metrics. ITS’s constant stream of logistics and accounting data helps open the door for GHY to perform business analysis, giving them valuable insights into their own business.

Quality Control (QC) Audit Tool

Historically, brokers kept track of reports and transactions on paper.  The transition to the paperless world presents a distinct challenge. In this transition, it is even more urgent to keep track of all the transactions to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. The Quality Control (QC) Audit Tool offers visibility and transparency into the status of transactions, guaranteeing that all transactions have been double-checked for errors. Further, the QC Audit Tool offers a forum for documenting and resolving any issues that may occur during the transaction lifetime. This tool gives businesses the ability to perform in-depth analysis regarding types of errors encountered, the length of resolution until completed, and all participants involved in the transaction. By standardizing and centralizing the quality control process, businesses reduce the risk of fines, demurrage, and penalties at both a transactional and systemic level.  

Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager provides information at your fingertips. This tool allows customers to create highly customizable views that suit the company’s unique way of business. These views are a collection of data points (i.e., HTS #, line value, estimated entry date, etc.) pulled from any module in the system. When set up correctly, a workflow will tell any individual what they need to work on that day with exactly the information they need to do it. Whether C-level executives, operational managers, clearance specialists, or whatever role you define, the Workflow Manager produces customizable views for any user. The Workflow Manager provides complete transparency and allows brokers to have one centralized source to keep track of work. 

As GHY continues to grow into new markets, ITS collaborates with them to build and expand tools that will help GHY save resources and reduce penalties. Most importantly, GHY has found not just a brokerage software provider but a dedicated and long-term partner in ITS. 


But what the absolute stunning can do actions of the ITS team. The ITS brand is so much more than words, it's actions.

Alan Dewar
EVP, Client Services/Regulatory Affairs at GHY

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