Workflow Automation

The shipping and freight industry has many moving parts – all of which you need to watch, track, and manage if you want your business to be successful. This constant movement and detail-oriented work, however, can be a massive drain on you and your staff. The ITS NxGen Workflow Automation Manager is a powerful tool that provides information at your fingertips.

Explore The Benefits

Improve Accuracy

By automating the mundane and repeatable aspects of your business, you greatly reduce the possibility of human error and increase employee job satisfaction.


Transparency with Customers

With greater insights into your workflow, you can also provide more accurate updates to customers – passing the benefits on to them and increasing their satisfaction.

Increase Internal Efficiency

Create customizable views to gather data on every part of your organization – including specific roles.

Streamline & Increase Productivity


Increase Visibility Into Your Workflow

Create custom views into all aspects of your business with the Automation Manager, digitize your workflow and provide insights to customers with workflow automation from ITS.

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