Document Management System

Documents, whether physical or digital, are an essential aspect of your brokerage business. But managing all your documents can be a challenging task. Depending on your volume, you might store documents in filing cabinets, closets full of boxes, or even entire warehouses. Tracking and locating a single document can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a tight deadline from Customs and Border Protection.

Explore The Benefits

Easy Organization

Files can be uploaded anywhere in the system for simple organization. Plus, automatic versioning of files provides you with a clear history of how documents have changed, helping to free you from liability.

Rely on Security & QA

Azure Cloud provides top-of-the-line security and storage options – and keeping your documents in a virtual format protects them from physical damage such as natural disasters or simply being misplaced. 


Document Exchange & Delivery

Automated document distribution ensures your customers are never without the information they need – and customizable permissions help you to make sure only the right customers have access to specific documents.


Keep Your Business Organized

Securely Store and Manage Documents

With the ITS NxGen Document Management System (DMS), your documents are better organized and more secure. Reduce space and costs, save time, and increase transparency and efficiency with DMS.

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