Delivery Duty Paid

Although Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) streamlines the billing process, manually calculating duty and removing it from the entered value can be tedious and complicated for the filer.

Explore The Benefits

Save Time

Spend less time manually calculating costs with automation from ITS NxGen.

Increased Organization

Automation streamlines processes within your business and eliminates chances for human error in a complex process.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase transparency and customer satisfaction by providing one clear, comprehensive bill for all of your services.

Save Time With DDP

Automated and Streamline Processes

DDP simplifies the logistics billing process. With DDP, the seller handles all of the logistics fees associated with moving goods. When a buyer receives an invoice, the seller already includes the cost of all goods and shipping arrangements (i.e., duty, freight, insurance, etc.). DDP makes billing easy because the buyer receives just one bill.

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