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Author: Alison Cooper

Move goods across the border with ease. The ITS PAPS Tracker (Pre-arrival Processing System) provides 24/7 real-time tracking and release confirmation. Just enter your PAPS Tracker number for the latest tracking information and key shipment notifications. This tool helps reduce the time for transporters and users to verify that the cargo and shipments are ready for Customs clearance.

Easy to use and highly reliable, the PAPS Tracker tracker gives you up-to-date Customs information on demand. You’ll never have a shipment delayed while waiting for entry clearance again.

Reduce Fees, Fines, and Demurrage

The PAPS Tracker also helps transporters cross the border seamlessly. Once a transporter enters the transaction number, the modernized tracker replies with either a JSON or XML message that gives real-time U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) results. Truckers don’t need to contact their broker to see if the goods are ready to move, and trains don’t need to stop to remove a car if the cargo isn’t ready for clearance. Stopped cargo not only takes a lot of time, but it can also accrue fees such as rail fees, additional trucker fees, and port demurrage, among other issues.

Minimize Customs Clearance Delays

Keeping track of clearance statuses becomes even more challenging when multiple transporters are depending on an employee to give them clearance. Not only does this tie up the broker’s time, but it can also slow down the transactions. Save processing time and reduce the risk of fines with the ITS PAPS Tracker.

It should be mentioned that ITS designed the PAPS Tracker to give up-to-date information from U.S. Customs and Border Protection so that you avoid unnecessary delays. Simply put, the PAPS Tracker is a self-serving process that eliminates the need to coordinate multiple people, saving additional processing time and resources.

Increase Insights into Your Transactions

When ITS deploys the PAPS Tracker, you unlock key insights into your transactions. Results from the PAPS Tracker can be displayed directly to your website using an iFrame, and it can be tailored to your specific branding. You also have access to the PAPS Tracker API, giving you flexibility in how information is displayed. You are only limited by your ambition and needs.

Using the API, you can enhance your in-house reporting. Your IT team can create a visualization dashboard of all transactions at any given moment and routinely ping the API to show the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's results for all transactions. By utilizing this data, you can have customized insights into entry clearance and clearance procedures.

The PAPS Tracker can return the following data elements:

  • Entry information (e.g., entry number, transaction type, port of entry, shipper reference number, broker reference number, and total gross weight)
  • Important shipment tracking dates/milestones (e.g., when the documents were completed, their status, when the transaction was sent to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, when the release was accepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the customs release date, the ONE USG date, and various PGA statuses)
  • Other details (e.g., the bill of lading number, carrier code, piece counts units of measure, container numbers, and prior notices)

Real-time visibility into transaction statuses is a challenging, but important problem to solve. The frequency of updates the PAPS Tracker provides is unique. Being able to offer visibility to customers and transporters can help give you the competitive advantage for winning future business.

The PAPS Tracker will give you the solution to entry clearance tracking. Contact us for a software demo today!

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