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Author: Alison Cooper

Create a free-flowing exchange of information

Communication between you and your customers can be chaotic and unstructured. Transactions fall through the cracks, and mistakes happen. These errors are costly to you and your customers. We have the solution for you that will allow you to leave the chaos behind. With the ITS Customer-Facing Portal, you are able to create a free- flowing exchange of information, all in one place with information at your fingertips. This tool will not only save you time, but it will also prevent any headaches from paper and email-based communication.

Adaptable Portal for Managing Your Customer’s Brokerage Business

The Customer-Facing Portal is a customizable hub for your customers to manage their businesses. Each portal is unique to a specific customer. You can set up personalized reports, workflows, and entry programs (e.g., Importer Security Filing and Proforma Invoice Entry, which loads directly into a 7501) that suit the exact needs of your customers.

Even though your customer’s requests may be different, the process remains the same. In addition, this standardization makes the Customer-Facing Portal easy to manage.

Free-Flowing Exchange of Information

From phone calls to emails to FTP transfers of data, the way you communicate with customers can vary. Managing these types of communication can be unorganized, thereby causing delays and penalties. Fortunately, the ITS Customer-Facing Portal removes the clutter and dependencies on one person.

In standard business processes, you often experience bottlenecks that prevent smooth communication. For example, have you ever waited to hear back from your customer for days, only to realize they came down with a cold? The Customer-Facing Portal never gets sick or has a family emergency. By using this valuable tool, you won’t have to depend on one person; you will have access to the resources you need whenever you need them.

Real-Time Tracking of Shipments and Goods

Never lose track of a shipment again. With the Customer-Facing Portal, you can look up shipments by the reference number of your choice (e.g., PO #, BL #, Entry #, etc.). The real-time tracker shows you exactly where a transaction is in the custom’s clearance process, as well as the physical location of the goods. Gone are the days of a container sitting at a port without any action. Moreover, this tool reduces demurrage charges and saves you the stress of finding a shipment.

Learn more about how you can streamline your communication with our adaptable Customer-Facing Portal. Contact the team of experts at ITS today for a free demo.

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