Choosing the Right ABI Software for Your Company and Why Businesses Should Move their ABI Software to the Cloud

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Over time, cloud computing is becoming the norm and the best option for general business users. Unlike on-premise computing, cloud computing provides distinguished advantages. Consider these 10 reasons as to why your organization should move their Automated Broker Interface (ABI) software to the cloud:

1) Money-saving solution

SaaS applications have been proven to be cost-efficient due to reduced acquisition expenses and minimal hardware costs as no servers are needed. 

2) Improved collaboration for you and your customers

Cloud computing leads to flexible work environments, reinforces business scalability, and promotes workforce mobility. Cloud also boosts communication with partners, suppliers, and consumers.

3) Agility and flexibility

Cloud adoption is mainly influenced by operational agility. Besides, firms need both flexibility and agility to build a competitive advantage. 

4) Security enhancement for your platforms

While employees’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops can be lost and expose a company to severe data breaches, cloud computing is well-secured. As a result, the losses associated with physical data storage are profoundly reduced.

5) Modern approach to business intelligence

With cloud computing, you'll be able to work from any place at any time. Crucial business applications are now accessible and serve different purposes whenever they want. In addition, telecommuting is associated with minimal expenses, higher morale, and improved productivity.

6) Reduction in IT infrastructure and applications

Users of cloud can access their resources virtually. Therefore, firms have a chance to minimize or even terminate the expenses linked to maintaining storage and servers.

7) Systems are always updated

Vendors often host software in the cloud to ensure automatic updates.With this, users are guaranteed to have the most previous version at their disposal. Updated cloud has multiple benefits, including protection against vulnerabilities.

8) Disaster recovery and improved backup

The technological world is filled with uncertainties – disasters are inevitable. However, with cloud, companies, and individuals will never lose their resources, as in the case with on-premise computing, when faced with an attack.

9) Document control and access

There is a growing need for coordination between business users, causing a need for rigid document control. Moreover, with cloud computing, there is centralized document management which leads to easy sharing.

10) Predictable and budgetary pricing

Unlike perpetual licenses in on-premise computing, cloud deals with subscriptions of SaaS applications. In this regard, firms enjoy a fixed fee, which allows them to budget their entire technological expenditures and business processes.

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