Lights Out

Automate Your Customs Communication

Back To All Posts | Posted on July 15, 2020
Author: Alison Cooper

Are you ready to step into the future? Customs automation is at your fingertips with our new tool, Lights Out.

What does Lights Out mean? It’s simple: nobody has to key in data. Lights Out is the future of technology as it completely automates communication between your end customer and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In other words, no one has to interact with a transaction, freeing up your time and resources.

Reduce Errors, Increase Compliance

Let’s face it; humans make mistakes all the time. In the past, you would have had to rely on a user interface to communicate with CBP. Not anymore! We’ve built a tool that automates the entire process for you. When you utilize an “it’s data in, data out” approach, there’s minimal chance for errors to happen. With Lights Out, you will lower the potential for common errors and increase accuracy.

Not only does Lights Out decrease the amount of errors, it also improves overall compliance. Lights Out is a process created by subject matter experts and applied to all transactions. Knowledgeable people built the guard rails from the very beginning, guaranteeing everything is right the first time, error-free, and fully compliant. 

Save Time and Money

Lights Out also allows you to reduce your time to file and increase your entry speed. This automated process reduces the time per entry to under a minute! Typically, one person can do 40-50 transactions per day. Lights Out will boost your productivity and enable you to complete double—even triple—the transactions per day. This means that more work will be done right the first time with fewer people, allowing you to focus on what’s vital to your business.

Saving time is important, and time is money. Lights Out will lower your costs and allow you to have more competitive bidding. When you automate your work with Lights Out, you will save time and money. By passing your savings on to your customers, you will win business and beat out the competition.

Stop stressing over communications with CBP. Take advantage of Light Out’s philosophy with NxGen automation by setting up a free demo with ITS today. 

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