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Back To All Posts | Posted on September 7, 2020
Author: Alison Cooper

The Workflow Manager is a powerful tool that provides information at your fingertips. ITS designed this valuable software to answer the question, “What do I need to do today?” Sometimes, you have to do some research before you can even start to answer that question. Cut out the time-wasting research so you can focus on what matters most to your business. With the Workflow Manager, you will have a straightforward and immediate understanding of the work that needs to get done.

Create Custom Views into Your Business

From day-to-day transactions to the bigger picture, the Workflow Manager manages all aspects of your business. With this feature, you will be able to create customizable views that suit the unique way your business works. Such views are a collection of data points (e.g., HTS #, line value, estimated entry date, etc.) pulled from any part of the system.

Whether C-level executives, operational managers, clearance specialists, or whatever role you define, the Workflow Manager produces customizable views for any user.

Digitize Your Workflow

Streamline your daily work with advanced technological solutions. Digital workflows remove the manual problems that slow you down. Previously, your processes existed in the ether. Information could be spread over many sources, ranging from folders and spreadsheets to verbal agreements and emails. The Workflow Manager simplifies your work by creating a one-stop-shop for all transactions to move through.

Provide Transparency to Your Customers

With the NxGen Workflow Manager, you pass on the benefits to your customers. Such a tool provides real-time transparency on key performance indicators for your customer; it offers performance metrics and statuses, such as ISF clearance status, documents received, customs clearance, or whatever data you need. Give your customers substantiated confidence that you are fulfilling your contracts.

We know that different customers have different needs. The option of customizing the Workflow Manager is available to your customers, too. Customization makes changes from customer-to-customer easy and on-demand.

Streamline your workflow today. Contact ITS to set up a demo of the Workflow Manager.

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